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Loops Road resident talks about massive snow drifts

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One road in Fayette County was shut down Friday morning after multiple cars got stuck in a massive snow drift.
     59 News went out to Loops Road Friday to see what residents there were dealing with.
Charlie Smailes has lived on Loops Road for more than 60 years.
And while he wasn't one of the drivers that were buried feet deep in a drift of snow Friday, he said he's been there before.
He said, "I decided that I was going to go somewhere in a 4-wheel-drive pick-up because I couldn't be stopped... Oh I got stopped. I had to crawl out the window because I couldn't get the doors open."
Crews were out on the road all morning on Friday and they had it passable before noon.
Residents here say they are usually good with taking care of the road.
Smailes said, "We're kind of a main route from Rainelle to Beckley so they do a good job for ambulances and stuff like that, they've done a good job the last few years."
He reflects on one time that he dug a car from a snow drift.
Smailes said, "The fool was with his girlfriend going to the Pizza Hut you could barely get through here in a 4-wheel tractor let alone a little car... we drug him out.
He said his family enjoys looking back on all snowy memories.
Smailes said, "We got pictures where they came in here with loaders it would be 8 to 10 even 12 foot snow drifts."