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Winter storm throws drivers for a loop

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This snowstorm is definitely giving travelers a headache. The roads were pretty slick Friday even with crews working around the clock to get them cleared.

"It did come out of nowhere, and fast too. I didn't think it would be this bad until last night. I thought I would be alright going home and that just didn't happen," said Alex Meadows.

Put into a ditch. Just another accident because of this snowstorm.

"I was on my way home last night probably around 12:00 and a lady was coming the opposite way of me and she lost control of her vehicle and almost hit me, so the only option I had was to go in the ditch or hit her," Meadows said.

A Coca-Cola truck driver describes the road conditions he's seen so far today.

"Terrible. Terrible. Its really scary in a truck like this but Coke does good giving us brand new tires so we're pretty good," said truck driver Tim Purdue.

While most roads are completely cleared off and safe, just a few feet away and one turn, and you can run into some dangerous conditions.

"The main roads are fairly clear. It seems like the closer you get to Beckley, the better the roads are. But right now, my side roads are really deep in places," said Dale Pitt.

Driving slow seems to be the best advice.

"Drive careful, drive slow take your time, wherever you want to go. That's always your best bet," said Bridgett Hill.

Purdue compares this winter storm to that of 2012 in October.

"The one in October was awful but this one was kind of a surprise because I didn't think it would be this bad. We got up this morning and I had to shovel to get the trucks out. It's all fun though, at the end of the day, you're glad to be home."

AAA offers some Winter Driving Tips:

1. Make sure tires are properly inflated

2. Don't use cruise control on slick or unsafe roads

3. On the highway avoid driving in "packs" with groups of vehicles.