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Rhodell firefighter leaps out of burning home head first to save pets

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Rhodell -

A weekend blaze destroys a Raleigh County Home. A volunteer firefighter finding himself on the other end of the dramatic rescue. After being released from the hospital he is back on the job and working to move on.

 Ash covered photographs and handwritten letters are that's left after a blaze completely wipes out a home in rural Raleigh County. The Rhodell Volunteer Fire Department was dispatched on the call and after hearing the familiar address they knew it was one of their own.

"We new the address and I asked was it one of ours," Mike Holshouser, Rhodell Volunteer Fire Department Chief said.

His name is Nathan Shrewsbury, a 5 year vet with the fire department.   But on Saturday he was on the other end of the rescue. After being awoken by the painful whimpers of his 3 dogs, he realized his home was on fire.  In an instant he had to decided his next move.

"When I went to that part of that house I had no other choice but to jump out of my second story window and my dogs were just screaming and barking and I just love my animals I had one for 17 years and I couldn't let them die," Nathan Shrewsbury said.

After jumping out head first, of his second story bedroom window, Shrewsbury made it to his feet, kicked in the front door and reached inside to rescue his dogs.

"Risking my life is what we do down here. It's not a big thing to me. I don't care if I have to lay my life on the line any day of the week. They love you unconditionally and I just couldn't let them know," Shrewsbury said.

Shrewsbury is left with the task of moving on.  He lost all of his material possessions but said those things can be replaced.  He is grateful he was able to rescue 2 out of his 3 dogs.  The two that survived are named Rosie and Memphis.

The Rhodell Volunteer Fire Department will be hosting a hot dog sale to raise money to get Shrewsbury back on his feet. It will be Friday, Feb 8th starting at 10 in the morning.  The fire department is also handling any donations.