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59 News learns more details about Lester officer arrest

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This is a story 59 News first brought to viewers on air. A local police officer finds himself on the other side of the law and we are learning new details about this man.

Our crews told viewers magistrate Rick Jones arraigned Lester Police Chief Dustin Boggs on a felony bribery charges Thursday afternoon in "official and political matters."

The magistrate who arraigned Boggs also advised he is to have no contact with an unnamed female victim. While the details are still limited about the situation leading up to officer Boggs arrest, our crews hit the streets to get people's reaction.

"I was very shocked when I heard it this morning," Carl Ward of Glen White said.  Our crews tried to get our hands on the criminal complaint, but the magistrate who is assigned to the case is off this Friday and the office closed.

59News spoke with Lester mayor Kenneth Allen, who said the town is conducting its own internal investigation. Our crews wanted to know more about Boggs professional background, so we called the State Police Academy in Charleston. They said they had no record of Boggs attending training. Folks in Lester said training should be a top priority for law enforcement.

"[I think they] would need training before they are hired," Roy Donell of Lester said.

"I have to have training for what I do, I drive a school bus," Carl Ward said.

Another concern from people in the town is WHO is in charge now?

Mayor Allen said Boggs has been on medical leave since December and officer Zach Honaker is interim chief for now.

The West Virginia Professional Standards Division (PSD) for law enforcement agencies web site said an officer does not have to go to the police academy before being hired.

To learn more about officer training requirements, click here.  To learn more about the PSD click here.