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Raleigh County groups come together to lower teen pregnancy rates

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Child poverty in Raleigh County is unfortunately on the rise but many outreach groups are working hard to turn that around.

On Saturday local agencies campaigned to lower teen pregnancy and school drop out rates.

After the United Way and the Raleigh County Schools Superintendent began the event, the floor was open for discussion. Many people and agencies brought new ideas and shared with the crowd. One attendee shared how she'll use what she learned today to touch kids lives.

"Help students and help children be better beings and to build their character and leadership skills and confident as they get older," said Kristen Stanley.

A middle school volunteer said this is what she want kids to know.

"I think everyone here has been very passionate about motivating kids to see that they are valuable, they are worth something. Worth enough to stay in school and develop a passion of their own that they want to pursue and use to help others in the future," said Independent Middle School volunteer Lynsi Boyd.

Another attendee and member of the United Way Board of Directors wants kids to know there more options before and after school than just being a mom or dad.

"Lets show them what there is out there to establish a family or career, whether it's right after high school or after college. Who do you want to be besides a parent," said Virginia Butcher.

The Director of Southern West Virginia's United Way told 59 news why it's so important to talk about these issues.

"Never want it to get so under the surface. We want to keep it on the top of mind of people and for people in the community to know they can make a difference and get involved," said Southern West Virginia's United Way Director, Margaret O'Neill.

If you'd like to get involved to help reduce child poverty, you can get in touch with the United Way in Beckley.