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Hinton couple donates items to Hinton fire victims

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It has been just less than a week since a blaze wiped out over a dozen homes in Hinton leaving more than 30 people homeless. The relief effort to help those who lost everything is still underway there.

Two fires in Hinton on Tuesday, Feb. 26 are believed to be arson. The first was reported at 1:25 a.m. at a home in the 100 block of Fifth Avenue in Hinton. The second was reported 30 minutes later in the 800 block of Temple Street at apartments known as the "Brick Row."

"It is just a tragedy to see all of that up in flames for no reason. everyone lost so much stuff," Cindy Martin, Forest Hill said.

The buildings were scorched, leaving people out in the cold and without a place to call home. Almost a week after the brutal blaze, one forest hill couple is helping relief effort.

"In our hearts this is what we want to do it help them restart their life and future," Martin said.

Boxes of dishes, lamps and mugs-- the items come from Cindy and James Martin who usually sell their wares at a flea market.  But instead are forgoing a profit to help these families.

"Our main concern is not the flea market now, it is helping these families get back up on their feet," Martin continued.

Police said Billy Joe Gill of Hinton faces 2 counts of first degree arson in connection to the fires. But Martin said the community should be focusing on helping these families move forward.

"The community needs to pull together not just the businesses but everyone needs to pull together in this community here we are all just one big family," Martin said.

If you are victim of the Hinton fire, our news crews can put you in touch with the Martin family for help.  Send an email to our newsroom, news@wvnstv.com and our crews can get you in touch with the Martin family.