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Community mourns Mercer County middle school student's death

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A Mercer County community is in mourning following the death of a 13 year-old girl. Mercer county Sheriffs deputies said it was an apparent suicide.  But was bullying involved?

PikeView middle school is where the 13-year-old girl who died went to school. But this Monday she was not in school as classmates were notified their school-mate had taken her own life over the weekend.

"It is a terrible tragedy, we don't know why a 13-year old would do that," Mercer County Sheriff Don Meadows said.

Grief consolers are on hand at PikeView Middle School. But did bullying inside of the school play a role in this 13 year olds death?  According to a press release issued by the sheriffs department Monday, yes, bullying did play a role.  But on Tuesday, the sheriff said no.

"There's a lot of stuff we found out that doesn't have to do with bullying that could be the cause of it and we continue to look into all of that to see what was really going on with her.  We've got her diary and there's no mention of bullying in her diary," Sheriff Meadow continued

Our 59 News crews reached out to the girl's parents and while they said they were not ready to talk, they directed us to their Facebook page-- -- a post stating bullying did play a role in their daughter's death.

As the investigation continues by the sheriffs department, the community is heart-broken by a young life that was taken too soon.

"It is sad, it is probably because these kids bully other kids in school," Tina Burgess of Princeton said.

"We are out here and we don't know until things happen and we don't know what took place," James Hubbard of Princeton continued.