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Greenbrier County fire departments forced to make changes after failed levy

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Fire departments in Greenbrier County are facing tough times right now after voters denied a levy and it's going to have a direct impact on rescue efforts.

Volunteer fire departments in Greenbrier County simply do not have what it takes to operate like they used to.

That's why they asked residents to pass a levy and why they are now asking for support in other ways.

Clintonville Volunteer Fireman Mark Kelley said as of right now they have not decided if any departments in the county will be shut down.

But they will have to be choosy when it comes to responding to every call.

Kelley said, "What calls are essential to the department that we absolutely need to be there for. You know like a tree down on the road, we're going to call DOH."

Now other agencies are responsible for picking up the slack that is costing the fire departments too much money.

Kelley said, "That's wasting gas, that's wasting man hours that we can save and cut back on our worker's comp issues."

As for fighting actual fires, they do not plan on letting the community suffer.

Kelley said, "I don't think the community is going to see a difference we're going to be out there everyday just like we were before the levy."

The fire departments still need to make money somehow. So you are bound to see a lot more fund raisers like boot drives all over the county.

Kelley said the departments are depending on grant money for the most part but that money is not a guarantee.

He said, "We are asking the community, our residents to help support the fire departments we really need it."

Kelley says at this point they have not decided if another levy will be up for a vote this year.

But they will make a decision at some point in the next month or two.