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Convicted sex offender from Beckley arrested in Kansas

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A Beckley man is arrested on a fugitive from justice warrant in Kansas.

WV State Police tell 59 News, John Lee Smith, 48, of Beckley was picked up in Allen County, KS.   Smith was convicted in 1984 for the rape of an 8-year-old female.   He was currently registered in Raleigh County and must do so for life because the victim was a minor.

Smith was recently arrested on a sexual assault charge by the Beckley City Police Department.  He was released from the Southern Regional Jail on March 1.  Smith failed to report within 3 days of his release from jail, something registered sex offenders are required to do.

When troopers tried to find Smith, they found he had moved from his last registered address in Beckley and they didn't know where he was.  Sex offenders have to register within 10 business days of any change of registry information including physical address and they have to register 10 business days before moving outside of jurisdiction, either to another country or state.

Smith was entered into NCIC and state police was notified the Allen County, KS Sheriff's department picked him up.   He will remain in their custody pending extradition to WV.   He is facing four counts of failing to register as a sex offender for a second or subsequent offense.   A conviction for the first offense failure to register maintains a possible 1-5 year sentence.   A second or subsequent conviction maintains a 15-25 year sentence for each count.