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Two arrested in beating of elderly Raleigh County man

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A brutal beating in Raleigh County and the victim is twice the suspects age!

59News cameras were rolling as a silent Jason Wickline and Bryan Bolt were ushered into court. They two were arraigned by Magistrate Humphrey on Thursday, March 14.

According to a criminal complaint the two are under arrest for assaulting a man more than twice their age. The documentation stated the two left an 89-year-old man bloody and bruised inside his own Beckley home on Thursday.

59News took these graphic details to folks in Beckley.  For one man, he said he doesn't understand why they had to harm the man. 

"If you are going to take it, take it, and leave him alone. I is just so bad, people nowadays, it is just hard to tell," Stephen Canterbury of Shady Spring said.

59News didn't stop their investigation there.  59News wanted to know more and dig a little deeper.  Through open records our crews were able to uncover Wickline's and Bolt's criminal past.

This is Bolt's first time being arrested, but Wickline has been arrested multiple times. Court documents stated Wickline has been charged with grand larceny, illegal possession of pills and a handful of other charges dating back to 2009.

Wickline allegedly committed this assault while was he was on probation for another crime. The court had to put his bond on hold, due to the probation violation.

Our crews got reaction from folks in the area about Wickline's history and one man wonders why someone with a hefty rap sheet isn't behind bars.

"We are not doing what we need to do to penalize these people, many of these people it is a second of third time offence and there is no call for it," Jim Richardson said.

No motive has been released at this time and it is unclear how the suspects knew the victim.

59News will work to bring more information both online and on the air.