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Raleigh County students may be randomly tested for drugs

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Raleigh County students who drive to school or participate in extra-curricular activities could be drug tested.

If passed, Raleigh County students would have to agree to random drug testing if they want to participate in extra curricular activities or drive their car to school. The Principal of Shady Spring High School is in favor of this possible legislation.

"I think anything we can do to combat the drug situation in Southern West Virginia is a positive. I am completely for drug testing kids randomly, and I'd even like to see our employees drug tested randomly," said the principal of Shady Spring High School, Daniel Moye.

We talked with two Shady Spring high school students and one parent, all of them in favor of the form. They say parking and participating in activities is a reward, not a right.

A parent of a high school student told 59 News this bill is a reminder that drugs, used actively, can get in the way of participating in activities and driving in the first place.

If the bill passes and students test positively for drugs, this is what will happen.

"According to the policy, they would receive counseling and parents would be involved. They wouldn't be kicked out immediately. It's there to help kids, it's not there to catch you," Moye said.

This year at Shady Spring High School, over 350 students participate in extra-curricular activities and 186 students drive their car to school.

"It's to help the kids who represent the school through teams, and it's also to help kids who drive who might be impaired. That's a safety issue for the whole community, not just the schools."

Because parents can volunteer their kids on the list, Moye said it helps them feel more involved. Moye is hopeful if this passes in Raleigh County, other counties will follow suite.

"I think Southern West Virginia obviously has problems, and this is a way to catch people with those problems and help people."

For more information on the policy, you can check out http://www.edline.net/pages/Raleigh_CSD and it's under D.2.11