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59 News Exclusive: Beckley beating victim, "I thought I was going to die"

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The two men accused of beating a Beckley Mother inside her home were in court on Wednesday. Alfred Pittman and Damien Totten were scheduled to have a preliminary hearing but it was canceled. To read the full details about what happened in court click here.

But 59 News has been working for you.  Our crews have been in contact with the victim of this alleged crime and she agreed to speak with our crews at the courthouse.

Her name is Shannon Wilson and she said she wanted to share her emotional story with only 59 News.

"I just felt my face, you know something across my face and my face was immediately swollen. I was just so scared, I thought I was going to die," Wilson began, as she described the events that happened on March 26th.

Wilson is still bloody and bruised more than two weeks after she was attacked in her Hager Street apartment.

She tells 59 News, she was sleeping on the couch with her 4-year old son, when she heard something in her apartment.  She described a large boom that jolted her out of sleep.  Wilson said she got up to see what was going on.

"At the front door I saw two armed men, one with a knife and one with a gun," Wilson explained.  She said one of the men told her to get on the ground. "So my first instinct was to get down and when we got down, the one with the knife got on top of me. And he was started like, and the one with the knife went upstairs and the other started beating me," Wilson described.

She said the two men asked her for money.  She said usually she leaves any cash on her bedroom drawer and directed the men to look there.  Wilson said after the men could not find the cash, the man with the gun began brutally beating her.  Finally, Wilson said she was able to hand over $600. Wilson said the men instructed her not to leave her apartment or call anyone and they took off. 

Wilson said she ran out of the house and neighbors came to her aid.  She described that within minutes a Beckley Police officer was on the scene.

Beckley Police tell 59 News there were able to follow fresh footprints in the snow to a nearby motel.  They said inside they found Alfred Pittman and Damien Totten.  They two have been arrested in connection with this crime.

Wilson said the physical bruises aren't what hurt the most; she said it is the emotional toll this is taking on her family.

Wilson said she is so overwhelmed by the ordeal she can't even set foot inside her apartment.

"I'm just not me anymore. They ruined me, I hate it," Wilson said.