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How safe is a consistent routine?

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As the details are emerging about the death of Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum one detail has our crews wondering, how safe is it to have a consistent routine?

Sheriff Crum was murdered in the same place he ate lunch every single day. 59 News wanted to know if we could find viewers in our area who consider themselves creatures of habit, like Sheriff Crum.

"I find myself doing the same things without really thinking about it, I just repeat the same things," Steven Ammon said.

Ammon said his routine is pretty much like clockwork. He said friends almost always know where to find him. But what if, someone else catches on to your routine? Can consistent habits make your vulnerable to an attack? The experts at the Women's Recourse Center said yes.

"If someone is stalking you or even watching you, knowing every move that you make can be really dangerous," Bonita Sarrett with the Women's Resource Center said.

So what can you do, if you find yourself falling into a perfect pattern everyday? 59 News has learned a simple step folks can take.  Expert said just simply by taking another route home, folks can break that familiar pattern.

"Just take different routes away from where you are working, park in different places, park in a lightened area, park close to the building if you can," Sarrett explained.

Another area that is causing some worry is social media.  Sarrett said with social media users documenting their every move, it can be a welcome invitation for crime. She said to avoid posting your location to these sites and said it always pays to be aware of your surroundings and working to break that clockwork routine.