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Greenbrier County homes get a free makeover

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This week the lives of several families in Greenbrier County were drastically changed when a group of high schoolers from Michigan showed up at their front door.

Fifty-five of them came on a mission trip to make repairs to about 8 homes in the Alderson area.


Mary-Lou Bowden said, "I'm just so happy I can't be still."

It's no wonder these Greenbrier County families are smiling ear to ear after a group of high school students showed up to save them from their struggling homes.

Mary-Lou Bowden has been struggling every day just to get up old stairs and into her home.

But Thursday her prayers were answered.

She said, "It's so easy! I don't know how many trips I made yesterday out there. I said at least I'll get my exercise like that."

Rose Kirby's property needed two porches built, a trench dug for the well water to drain, and plenty of landscaping.

She also had a sidewalk put in.

She said, "My sidewalk I love it, it's amazing, to be able to walk outside with the cane and not have to walk around stepping stones and stuff."

Kirby said she never expected to make such an emotional connection with the youth group.

She said, "We were just in tears because all of us had gotten so close. We talked about things that happened in my life and in theirs and the kids and their families and it made a world of difference."

The group was sponsored by Christ Our Savior of the Valley Lutheran Church in Lewisburg.

The church said plans are already being made for them to come back again next year.