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Ammunition is flying off the shelves in Raleigh County

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Ammunition and gun permits are in incredibly high demand right now.

Owner of Flat Top Arms, Mark Dempsey, has seen a huge spike in ammo sales over recent months.

"It has been for several years but even more so since the last election. The minute the assault weapons ban was brought up, that's when people started flooding the stores to get there hands on everything," Dempsey said.

Dempsey told 59 News just how little ammunition they have left on their shelves.

"Handgun ammunition, especially target ammunition is gone. We get maybe a few boxes in every now and again and within an half hour to an hour we are sold out. We are limiting people to two boxes per to try to spread it around," he said.

He also said the demand skyrockets for guns and ammunition whenever lawmakers talk about banning guns of any kind.

"If they would let the rhetoric die down or tone it down the demand would die down. The more you tell people they can't have things, the more they want it."

But others are more concerned with what they tell me is a growing crime rate in Southern West Virginia.

"The crime rate and the prescription pill epidemic is out of control and you never know what these crazy fools around here will do, so it's good to have protection," said Andrew Nix.

"I think it speaks to the concern people have for their safety. There seems to be so much violence and perceived aggression that people are looking at issues of safety," Raleigh County Sheriff Steve Tanner said.