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Is it too early to plant your flowers?

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Old man winter may be behind us, but it still might be wise to hold off planting a few flowers.

Greenbrier Nurseries manager Chip Faulk tells us May 15th is typically the last day we'll see frost. So he advises to hold off planting summer and tropical flowers -- such as a hibiscus until that day.

Any annual flower like pansies, perennials and carnations will last through a few more cold nights.

"Carnations or dianthus, you plant them now and they can take the frost and more cold weather which we will get. And these will last you through the bulk of the summer," said Greenbrier Nurseries manager," Chip Faulk.

If your plants do frost over between now and May 15th it's suggested that you hose over the flowers or vegetables as soon as you can.