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Pastry Chefs get ready for Lewisburg Chocolate Festival

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The Lewisburg Chocolate Festival is almost here and vendors are working hard to make sure everything is ready.



One attraction this year is a giant chocolate sculpture made by the pastry chefs at the Greenbrier Sporting Club.

It's a "Fashion Dream" sculpture complete with shoes, purses and even tiny accessories.


Pretty much every girl's three favorite things all wrapped into one giant showpiece to admire.

Executive Pastry Chef Amy Mills and her team have been working on the sculpture for months.

She said, "It's very time consuming but it's very educational for us. We get to create things that we might not have done before it's definitely a learning process for all of us."

Her assistant Maria England said getting to work on something for the Chocolate Festival is a break from the norm that she looks forward to every year.

She said, "I do a lot of production so I don't get to do a lot of fondant work and chocolate work and sculptures so it's my favorite time to do all that stuff."

And they also look forward to getting out of the kitchen to work.

Mills said, "Going to the Chocolate Festival itself and seeing all of the people that come out it's quite a tremendous feat."

The sculpture will be on display at Harmony Ridge Gallery in Lewisburg from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m.

The team spent hours detailing the purses, the shoes and every small accessory.

But there was that one element that made them work just a little bit harder.

Mills said, "We decided to do some sandals and some high heel shoes and they are very fragile."

England commented, "I never imagined myself making a shoe until now so that's definitely what I learned the most of being able to craft the shoe and form it and make sure it's stable."

For more information about the Lewisburg Chocolate Festival just visit their website.