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Tips to be prepared for severe weather

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Our storm track 59 Meteorologists have been tracking severe weather Thursday, April 11. But our news crews have been finding out what you can do to stay safe.

This may seem like the perfect spring day, but right behind that sunshine, April showers are abruptly expected to power through like a freight train.  Storm Tracker 59 Meteorologists are predicting strong winds, rain and possibly hail late Thursday evening. Don't be fooled by the calmness, severe weather could cause problems, if you aren't prepared.

"If you are commuting if you can get home do so.  If you have to be out and about the common sense approach as far as what you are carrying, where you are walking and stay inside as much as you can," Kevin Taylor, Director of Emergency Services said.

He said folks should take a look around their backyard when there is a threat of high winds and pounding rain.  He said folks should look for items that are lightweight and bring them inside or tether them down.  Taylor explained that small objects can be picked up by the wind and cause major damages like broken windows or worse.

59 News caught up with one Summers County man enjoying the sunshine, but he knew the nice weather would be short lived.  Odell Bennett of Summers County said his apple, cherry and peach trees have just started blooming this spring. Gardening isn't the only thing on his spring checklist. He is working on his lawn mower preparing for his grass to grow with these April showers.

"I really like thunder storms.  I like to sit inside and watch them," Bennett said.

But before you pull up a seat like Bennett to check out the spring storm, there are a few things you need to be remaindered of.      

Make sure your lawn is clear, you have batteries and a flash light in case power lines are taken down and finally keep your ears open for an emergency alerts.

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