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Hinton fire victim speaks out

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Two months after the devastating flames that ripped through historic apartments known as "brick row" fire victims in Hinton are still trying to get their lives back together.

One victim spoke out today who is having trouble recovering important documents like her social security card and driver's license. At the same time, she says she's getting more help than she could have hoped for.

"I think for me and my kids the hardest thing is waking up in the middle of night and listening for a smoke alarm. Usually you have to go to the bathroom, but I wake up and wait for a smoke alarm," said victim Kathryn Boggess.

We caught up with Boggess at the DMV Friday where she was trying for the 3rd time since the tragedy to get her driver's license and social security card. Both.. gone....burned in the flames.

"This is my 3rd time here, my 3rd time. The first time I had no idea what I had to have but the second time I was missing one document, my marriage document. I told them I wasn't married but it didn't make a difference," Boggess said.

She also told us the outpouring of support from the community has been a blessing. She said she didn't realize how well Summers County would help her in this time of need.

"I really didn't think the community of Summers County was that great. But that changed after this fire. They've come together. Strangers come up to me and ask me, What do I need, What can I bring you, What do I want?"

Saturday night will be a benefit ramp dinner at the River Rock Bar and Grill in Hinton. It will be a buffet style and the $10 cover charge will go to the fire victims through the Hinton Area Foundation.

"We've tried to provide as much as possible. Our community has been extremely good with donating food, furniture and money. They have been very good with donating money," said Mary Haley of the HAF.

If anything positive has come from this tragedy, Boggess told 59 News that she is now thankful for every single day that passes by.

Saturday night's benefit dinner at River Rock Bar & Grill in Hinton will be from 4-8 p.m. and will feature a LIVE band.