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Tax day is here! Some last minute advice from professionals

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Tax day is upon us. Today is the last day to file your federal income tax forms.

If you haven't filed them yet, 59 News has tips from the professionals on what you need to know last minute.  One local man told us he always files his and his wife's taxes by himself and that system has worked out well for him so far.

"I've never had to file an extension. I normally get my federal taxes done pretty early then wait until the last minute to do my state, but I've always had them in on time. I'm not a big fan of paying state taxes, a lot of states don't have income taxes, so I don't like giving them my money until I have to," said Michael Lusk.

Lusk gave us the inside scoop on what he spends his refund check on.

"It's already been kind of spent. We've been doing some work around our house, trying to do some upgrades on our house," he said.

He said he's able to complete the daunting task on his own with the help of online programs.

"I use Turbo Tax online, they do a really good job of guiding you through and telling you about the different tax deductions you can take and education credits."

Try as you might, even if you missed the post office today by just a few minutes, you probably have a little bit more time to file your taxes online.

"Electronic filing is the fastest and easiest way to file your taxes. If you mail them in it is a longer process, through the slow mail, and then they have to personally enter each one mailed in. If you e-file, it it's already there and it goes through their system a lot quicker," said H & R Block store manager Susan Kinzer.

Kinzer told 59 News one big reason to use a professional versus filing them yourself is because easy to overlook some deductibles you might not know about.

"Some of the ones that you miss are the education credits, child tax credits and your earned income credits and you've also got the flex fuel credits for the state department," she said.

Take a sigh of relief! Kinzer said her H&R block store won't close Monday until ALL customers are seen.

"We are open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday and we won't leave until all our clients are gone and out of the office."

There is no penalty for filing your taxes past April 15th, if you do not owe the government any more money.