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Scott Depot man runs Boston Marathon; family speaks out

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Arianna Deel was proud of her dad, Brad Deel, even before he ran the Boston Marathon on Monday.

"He's a good runner and I love him," said Arianna, 7.

That's why she panicked when she heard about the explosions that rattled the Boston Marathon finish line.

"I thought he might have been injured or hurt, but then my mom told he was safe, so I calmed down," Arianna said.

Arianna's mother, Leslie Deel, said terror raced through her body when she heard the news.

"For a few minutes, I could hear myself shaking trying to wait to hear back from him," Deel said.

She texted Brad immediately and learned he was safe and far from the scene. The mother of their two children said this catastrophe changes the way she thinks about her husband's hobby.

"It will always be in the back of my mind that something bad could happen."

When Brad Deel isn't jogging around his neighborhood in Scott Depot, he trains near the University of Charleston, where he works as a history and political science professor.

His wife said Brad, who just turned 50, slaved to qualify for the Boston Marathon. She said he trains six days a week and even quit smoking.

"I don't think it would ever stop him," Deel said. "He loves what he's doing and he's going to keep on trucking."

And he'll keep trucking straight home, where his family eagerly awaits him.

"Oh, I'm going to hug him. I think he expects I'll be in bed when he gets here, but I highly doubt that," Deel said.

13NEWS caught up with Brad Deel before he boarded his flight back to West Virginia. He said he's fine and can't wait to return home.