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Greenbrier County doctor talks about running in Boston Marathon

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The Boston bombings hit here locally.

One of Greenbrier's own doctors was actually in the race and approaching the finish line as the bombs went off.

Her co-workers feared for her life moments after they found out about the bombings.

When news of the Boston Bombings broke to workers at Greenbrier Physicians Clinic, they had one thing on their mind... Dr. Shamma Othman.

Terri Seldomridge said, "I really didn't believe it at first and I turned on the news and I immediately texted her to see if she was okay."

Seldomridge is a nurse for Dr. Shamma and said 45 minutes went by before she heard anything and those minutes felt like an eternity.

Dr. Shamma said she was approaching the finish line of the race and saw emergency vehicles.

She later found out she was within half a mile of the explosions.

She said, "You couldn't tell what was blocked and what was not and my daughter was telling me not to go to the hotel because another explosion just happened, to stay away."

Terri and Dr. Shamma have worked together at Greenbrier Physicians Clinic for more than 20 years and she said anyone you work with that much is like family.

She said, "Work with someone for 25 years they're like family so you hear something like that it's devastating."

Dr. Shamma said she and all the runners feel robbed of what they worked so hard for.

She told 59 News, "You feel sorry for the people who got hurt but I'm also a little disappointed that some awful thing happened like this and just robbed you of what you worked months for."

Dr. Shamma said she is not letting this incident stop her from her passion.

She plans on running several more marathons this year.