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59 News helps Raleigh County fire victim recover property

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59 News was contacted by a mother whose house burnt down in March. She lost almost everything , expect a truck and an RV in the blaze.  She is being told by the new property owners, she can't get back her stuff. 59 News reporter Lauren Hensley is working  to help this family out.

It's still difficult for Krystal Boland a mother of 4 to see this. The home the Boland family has lived in for 8 years burnt to a crisp.  It all happened on March 28th. The only things left untouched by the blaze are Boland's RV and truck.

"I got what mattered out of the house, me and my kids. And the only thing I could really do is sit back and watch the blaze. It was home, we loved this home, we liked this neighborhood it just al happened so fast," Krystal Boland said.

As the family is working to rebuild, they received more bad news. Krystal's brother went to recover the family's vehicles.  But just 3 days ago, the property their house is on was sold to a new owner. The Boland family said the new owners are asking for money.

"I can't get my stuff until I give them money that I owe them and I don't owe them any money," Boland said.

59 News went to the home of the new property owners.  After a long conversation with the owners they are claiming Krystal's brother Andy owed them $300 for the sale of household goods.  They could not produce a record of the sale but told us Andy had to pay in order to get back the RV.

59 News brought this new information to Krystal. The owners agreed to let her take the truck but not RV.  

Krystal's truck was towed away to be taken to her new house, and our crews were approached by a friend of the owner's family.  This messenger told 59 New and the Boland's the owners agreed to allow Krystal take her RV.

How does that feel, 59 News Reporter Lauren Hensley asked.

"Yes, I feel better, I really do," Krystal said.