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Local law enforcement weighs in on event safety

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Summer festivals all over the state are right around the corner and the recent attack on Boston brings the issue of safety to light during these events.

Hinton Police Chief Derek Snavely said scares like this are an eye opener to law enforcement everywhere.

He said, "Things have run smoothly in the past and I think that sometimes we get relaxed and think that it's always going to go that way."

Some people said these days it's not just events that draw large crowds.

Brenda Fox said, "Even small events like a soccer game or a high school game it's coming down to that."

But others aren't so concerned with small towns like Hinton.

Ashley Bourgeois said, "A big event in a big city, yes... places like New Orleans I would not go, not now."

Whether it's a huge event like the Boston Marathon or a smaller one like the water festival in Hinton, police said you can never plan too much when it comes to safety.

Snavely said, "We meet many months in advance to plan and we know where everybody is in place and stuff like that and I mean that's the main thing is the preplanning that way if something does happen everyone knows their role."

Snavely said when there's a crowd, there are more eyes to spot suspicious activity.

Fox said, "People need to be aware of everything I mean it could be a pen laying on the sidewalk for someone to pick up."

Snavely said, "We would rather investigate tons of false alarms than have a tragedy."