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If disaster strikes - Greenbrier County is ready

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In Lewisburg, the 7th annual Chocolate Festival was one for the books.

It drew a crowd of almost 5,000 people last weekend.

In light of recent national events, 59 News found out just how safe Greenbrier County is if an attack happens there. In just 3 months, America's Resort and The Greenbrier Classic are expecting to host up to 400,000 attendees.

In August, the State Fair should see almost 190,000.

Today we caught up with these organizations to find out how prepared they are for the unexpected.

Carnival rides, horse races, live bands and ice cream melt down your cheek. It's the carefree atmosphere that makes summertime leisure like the State Fair so attractive. But what if the unthinkable happens?

CEO of the State Fair, Marlene Jolliffe, told 59 News what safety measures they are already taking for their August event.

"One thing that most fair go-ers know is that we run an on-ground first aid station every day of the fair. We have paramedics and EMT's here, ready and on stand by," Jolliffe said.

Jolliffe also let us know that State Police and uniform security guards will be present throughout the entire 9 day fair.

59 News also caught up with a woman who works at the Greenbrier. She said the tragedies like those in Boston and Texas, in conjunction with the large crowds expected at the golf tournament, do worry her, but she also told us about their extensive list of security measures.

"We apply security systems and repeat security every day. We know who to call and how to evacuate in an emergency situation. I feel very safe in the place that I work," said The Greenbrier Resort employee Karla Vivanco.

Even with every security measure and every precaution being taken, 59 News still wanted to know how prepared our local hospitals are in the event of a disaster.

"If we call a disaster drill, we set up an incident command center and we have assignments as to what each of us do and we talk about how many beds we have available, how many patients we expect to come and what type of supplies we have and what additional staff and resources we have and if we needed to call them in and bring them to us," said the Greenbrier Valley Medical Center's Director of Marketing, Melissa Wickline.

A local Greenbrier County native who has attended both events numerous times said it simply.. Life moves on.

"We gotta keep on living and it's something to think about. But when your kids go to the races with big crowds nowadays, you never know with the way this world goes anymore," said Carl Cochran.

At The Greenbrier Classic, for your safety, the following are prohibited:

Video Cameras

Outside beverages

Knives, firearms or weapons of any kind

Radios or TVs Posters

Signs or banners

Bags larger than a small purse (6" x 6")

The Greenbrier Classic is July 1st - July 7th. The State Fair is August 9th - August 17th.