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Raleigh County shooting death: no arrests, investigation continues

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A Raleigh County fatal shooting is under investigation right now. The latest 59 News has learned is that no one is behind bars. 59 News is working for you to find out why.

The lights still remain switched on at this home on Country Club Road after a fatal shooting Thursday night.  59 News caught up with one neighbor who was just getting home Thursday night when she found out the bad news.

"Just after it happened and the ambulances got here I found out that Chris had been shot," Debbie Myles, a neighbor said.

Myles has lived in the area for her entire life and said the Ward family moved into the home next to hers about 12 years ago. She said she could not understand why there was no arrest for killing Ward.

59 News contacted the Sheriffs' Department to find out what happened Thursday night.

According to a press release, 39-year-old Christopher Ward is dead from a gun shot wound and in an interview with investigators 46-year-old Michael Stines, reportedly admitted to shooting Ward.

Deputies said the two men got into a physical altercation when Stines shot him.  The release states no charges have been filed at this time.

59 News dug a little deeper and asked Sheriff Steve Tanner why. He said the Sheriff's Department is looking at self defense as a possible motive for the shooting.  

59 News asked if either man lived at the home and according to the Sheriff that remains unclear.

Our 59 News crews asked if there were children home at the time, because there was a jungle gym in the family's backyard.  Sheriff Tanner said there were children at the home but they were not exposed to the shooting.  He would not comment on how many children or their ages.

So 59 News asked neighbor Debbie Myles for more details.  Myles tells 59 News the Ward's had 3 children, two boys and a girl.  She tells 59 News the oldest was in junior high and the two younger children were both in elementary school.  59 News Reporter Lauren Hensley asked Myles if she had any problems with the Ward family.

Myles said, "no, no they were good people and Chris, well he just wanted his family back."

Our News crews asked Myles what she meant by that statement and she told our crews Chris and his wife were separated.  She said Michael Stines was a friend of Ward's wife.

59 News wanted to hear from an official if they were able to establish a connection between Stines and Ward.

Sheriff Tanner said the two men have a past history but would not comment on the relationship. He did however tell 59 News this investigation remains open. He said once more evidence is collected; Deputies will speak with the prosecuting attorneys office to determine if charges should be filed.