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Greenbrier County dog kennel breeds the world's most elite working dogs

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After events like the Boston Bombings, security all over the country is getting ramped up.

So are things like the use of bomb-sniffing dogs to detect danger when crowds are present.

Mike Suttle is the owner of Logan Haus Kennels in Lewisburg and has been training dogs for more than 20 years.

His kennel is one of only three in the country when it comes to training the most elite working dogs.

He breeds and trains Belgian Malinois to be used in Tier One Special Forces... the world's toughest missions.

Suttle said, "They're invaluable. Dogs can find something with their nose in a fraction of the time that ten of us could with the most high tech equipment. A dog is so much more efficient so much more effective."

Suttle and his team designed their own scent training system that brings a dog within inches of the desired scent.

He explained, "A ball by itself is now meaningless. A ball attached to a smell is the only thing they get rewarded for, the only thing they care about."

Suttle will breed around 10 litters of Belgian Malinois puppies each year.

The training at the kennel starts just days after the puppies are born.

He said, "Chasing a tennis ball is what she is going to be working for her whole life. When she starts to do explosive detection or narcotics detection this is going to be her reward."

The extensive training makes these dogs ready for any situation.

Suttle said, "They are learning how to use their nose correctly to find their target whether it be narcotics, explosives, human remains or a live bank robber at the end of a track were training them using their nose to find whatever their target is."

Logan Haus Kennels also provides obedience training for the ordinary house dog and kennel services.

For more information, visit their webpage.