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Fire department warns dangers of brush fire season

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An overnight brush fire in Mercer County has firefighters warning the public about the dangers of brush fire season.

While many of us are happy the snow has been long gone and the weather is finally warming up, it can that lead to another problem we typically see this time of year, brush fires.

"It is garden season and a lot of people really like to get out and get ready for planting season and a lot of it involves burning off last years refuge for making way for the new plant," Jeff Walden, Bluefield Fire Chief said.

Charred trees and smoke is still slithering out of a pile of charred sticks from a Monday night brush fire in Bluewell. Even though this brush fire did not damage any nearby homes--mother nature can be very unpredictable and the right mixture of weather could turn the smallest brush fire into an enormous problem. 

"Sometimes conditions just get perfect for wildfires to get out of hand and we have had drought conditions here and when you have drought conditions is when you have the tinder box so to speak as forest fires," Walden said.

And when the winds are blowing those brush fires can get out of control and spread very quickly. Now, all it takes is rogue spark or ember for a brush fire to start. So it is important if you decided to burn, you want to make sure you have it contained, keep it away from any structures and never leave a burn unattended.

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