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Controversy gets heated over school lunch bill

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A senate bill that grants free breakfast and lunch to all students in West Virginia is on its way to becoming a law as it waits approval from the governor.

But it's not the passage of the bill that has people talking... it's what one Greenbrier County delegate had to say about it.

Members in the house of delegates agree that denying a child food in school is simply wrong.

But it's the in's and out's of the Feed to Achieve Act that sparked debate.

And now the controversy is getting heated after people found out Delegate Ray Canterbury had these thoughts:

"There's no such thing as a free lunch. I think what we're doing is undermining work ethic and teaching students they don't have to work hard. I think it would be a good idea if perhaps the kids work for their lunches."

Almost 200 viewers commented on our Facebook page today saying things like "Work for the only meal they get that day?" and "Even prisoners don't have to work for their lunches."

Some said the kids are already worked hard enough at school.

Marlene Price of Greenbrier County said, "I think they're tired already when they come home from school doing extra chores just really isn't necessary."

Delegate Canterbury said the children would learn a valuable life lesson if they did chores around school then they would appreciate the things they get for free like their food and drink at lunch.

And some people agree with his logic.

Stephanie Hines of Lewisburg said, "You stand by your parents with your hand hanging out saying 'Gimmie gimmie gimmie' or 'I need I need I need' when really you don't need you just want so I think it teaches the kids incentive to work hard."

Delegate Canterbury didn't respond today after we reached out for an interview.

The Feed to Achieve Act is awaiting approval now from Governor Tomblin.

It will become effective immediately if it is signed into law.