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Mason's journey to walk: Help child with cerebral palsy win national contest

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May is mobility awareness month and one Raleigh County couple has entered a nation wide contest to help their 2-year old son with cerebral palsy.  

Jennifer Dolinger and her husband were trying for a second child for 7 years! Finally, a miracle happened when they got pregnant with mason. Like every parent they counted his little fingers and toes. Everything appeared healthy until Mason got a little older. Jennifer said Mason was unable to achieve small milestones like pull himself up or standing.

"I will never forget the day it was December 22, we went in from them to tell us about his MRI and he just simply told us like he was telling us it was sunny outside that Mason has cerebral palsy," Jennifer said.

Jennifer explained she learned more from support groups online about her son's condition. Cerebral palsy is a disease that is a group of non-progressive, non-contagious motor conditions that cause physical disability in human development, chiefly in the various areas of body movement. Doctors said it would severely impact Mason's mobility and ability to walk.  Jennifer said she was heart broken when a doctor told her Mason would never walk, but this is not an answer the family would accept.

Jennifer said she set out on a mission to find the best treatments in our area.  Mason's weeks are backed with doctors' appointments and therapy all to help him. 

But these appointments are becoming more tasking for Mason's parents to travel too in their small 4-door car.  The family's is pretty small and it is very difficult for the Dolinger family to pack up all of Mason's health equipment.

"It is kind of like a puzzle you just got to try and figure it out and get it in there. The bigger he is getting the bigger his equipment is getting and we are glad to get the equipment but it is just so hard to get there," Jennifer said.  Jennifer said it can take up to 40 minutes to pack up her car.

Turning online for support, Jennifer found a nationwide competition to win a mobility van.  903 contestants are applying to win 3 mobility vehicles. As of Wednesday the family is in 34th place out of the 903 contestants.

The contest is being put on by National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA).  The big winner will be selected May 20 NMEDA Selects Winners.

Jennifer said just as Mason is proving doctors wrong by taking even the smallest steps, she believes anything is possible.

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