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Oceana Documentary titled "Oxyana" stirs emotions

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The town of Oceana is known for coal mining, and according to one Tribeca Film Festival Documentary, oxycontin.  The documentary named "Oxyana", Directed by Sean Dunne, portrays the oxycontin epidemic that some said defines this town.  But, many residents don't believe the film is representative of their home. 

Kelli Lusk, an Oceana hairdresser saw the trailer and was not impressed.  "I find it offensive that they picked the worst parts of town, and they didn't show the beauty of it."  She wasn't the only resident that did not like the publicity the town got from this documentary, Brenda Stewart, an Oceana native, was upset on how the town was depicted.  "We've been here a long time, and it doesn't represent all of us. It's sad."

The trailer said in Oceana residents are either on drugs or working the mines.  While they were disappointed the film centered around the town's drug problem, they also admit they had one.

"We do have people who are without jobs, we do have a drug problem.  So does our surrounding areas, it's not just here," said Lusk.

While addiction still lives in Oceana the townspeople are optimistic things will get better and have no plans of leaving.  Despite how others may view the town after this film, it doesn't change Stewart's opinion.  "This is home, and most people that have been in Oceana a long time will tell you that, this is home."