"I pointed my gun at him and said 'You have 5 seconds to leave."


A Mercer County man is behind bars Friday and is being charged with breaking into a home.

Officers said he violated his probation getting into a home in Princeton.

It was just an average Thursday in Princeton when Brandon Taliaferro and his friend Joshua Hanson were playing video games in Taliaferro's home when acquaintances of both of them, Daniel Bibey and Brandon Grogan, knocked on the door and asked to come in.

Taliaferro said although he let them in, he already had an uneasy feeling about it.

"I was kind of worried about it, because I don't trust either of them, they're not people to trust. So I looked out my front door and I saw Brandon Grogan pacing back and forth, that's when I knew something was going down because it was weird he was doing that. So I told Joshua to run in the back," said victim Brandon Taliaferro.

"My friend asked me to lock his back door and when I did, there was a sliding glass door and a window that I looked into and I saw Daniel Bibey there. I went and told Brandon there was someone in his garage," said Joshua Hanson.

When Brandon realized there was someone in his garage, he grabbed his gun and kicked down the garage door. Taliaferro demonstrated for 59 News what happened next.

"I stepped right here, Daniel was right where the tires are. He threw his coat immediately over my tools and that's when I cocked my gun back, showed him there was a bullet in it, slid it in the chamber, pointed it at his head and told him he has 5 seconds to get off my property. He literally took every 5 seconds, not even, probably 4 seconds, to get off my property," showed Taliaferro.

Taliaferro showed us where Bibey fell as he ran, literally for his life in 4 seconds, off of Taliaferro's property.

Bibey was already on probation for a felony child neglect charge.

He is being arraigned tonight. He faces possible probation violation charges, attempted breaking and entering and other charges.

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