Burning desire for the outdoors? Burning Rock is the place


With nice weather in our forecast outdoor activities are back on our minds.  West Virginia is filled with options to enjoy the outdoors and we had to visit one of them.  Burning Rock, an adventure park in Raleigh County was just the place to go.

"We've got a hundred miles of trails and over 10,000 acres so ATV's, dirt bikes, all kinds of motorized machines can come out here and have a good time," said Katie Wright a Burning Rock employee.  "We put into place a family loop and we call it the tams loop and it's family friendly so Mom and the kids can have a good time and Dad can split off and do some black trails and do his thing too."

As if the beautiful scenery and the thrill of 4-wheeling up a mountain wasn't enough, the mud puddles were just icing on the cake, and we made sure to hit every single one.

Carrie Beaulieu also works at Burning Rock and encouraged going through the puddles but did acknowledge that there is another route if you aren't trying to get dirty.  "You can go around the mud but if you choose to get muddy it's there."

The options of things to do at the park are endless, and there is something for the whole family.

If you are looking to get your outdoor fix, Burning Rock also offers zip lining and places to camp or cook out. 

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