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Insider's view into special force's K9 training camp

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On Saturday 59 News got an up close and personal look at a K9 and special forces training seminar in Greenbrier County.

Tucked away in the mountains miles away from big cities is a hands-on training seminar between law enforcement K9's and their handlers. Each dog is uniquely trained in areas such as detection, explosive, narcotic, search & rescue and patrol work.

Local city police, Sheriff deputies, officers from Michigan and Wisconsin, search & rescue and private sector police dogs trainers were present.

The Author of "Trident K9 Warriors" Mike Ritland explained how things are going so far.

"It's just a good combination of experience levels and different knowledge bases of spectrums. A lot of good people learning a lot of different things, learning about different varieties," Ritland said.

"The timing with which the dog is supposed to react and the timing between the information going through the handler's brain and hands for their reward, whether it's food or a ball or physical praise, gives the dog information as to whether it's doing something right or wrong. There's got to be an immediate feedback look between communication. That's what we are here trying to accomplish this weekend," said owner of K9 Intelligence Agency, Don Blair.

59 News crews were able to stand just a few feet away as a bite demonstration was shown with an experienced Lewisburg dog and a newer human decoy.

We asked Ritland if he agrees with the statement that a dog is a man's best friend?

"Without a question, it is a well deserved adage," he said.

This seminar was at Logan Haus Kennels which trains and sells K9's for law enforcement and special force use.