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Recovered Cleveland women, source of hope others are alive

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The discovery of three young women held captive in Cleveland has captivated the nation and amazed investigators. 59 News Reporter caught up with a local Sheriff on a missing child's case he's been following for more than a decade and he's not losing hope.

In November 2000, Creed topped the charts with their hit single, "With Arms Wide Open and also in 2000 George Bush defeated Al Gore in the Presidential election.  And finally, in a small Wyoming County community, a young girl disappeared without a trace.  That was 13 years ago.

The girl's name is Natasha Carter and her case still haunts the Wyoming County Sheriff Randall Aliff.

"As a parent it bothers you when you hear about a child that becomes missing or abducted because most of us as parents your worry about them all the way up since they are little. It doesn't matter if they are 30 you still worry about them," Sheriff Aliff said.

Natasha Carter split her time between Raleigh and Wyoming County bouncing back and forth between her two parents home. 

According to officials, in 2000 the girl's mother, Susan Gail Carter, was involved in a custody battle with Natasha's father, Ricky Lafferty. Officials said Natasha's grandmother said that she was afraid of her mother and did not want to live with her.

Also during this time, Sheriff Aliff's family lived in the same Wyoming County neighborhood as Natasha and her father.  Sheriff Aliff had a daughter very close in age to Natasha and the two became very close friends.

This was until her disappearance in 2000.  A felony warrant for kidnapping was issued for Natasha's kidnapping on November 13, 2000. Officials said the warrant was issued against Susan Carter. Officials believe Susan took her daughter and left West Virginia.  They believe the two may be in the company or a male adult and Carter possible changed her last name to Webb.  They may be in the company of an adult male and may have left West Virginia.

"I get up early mornings and I think about this stuff and how we can solve this stuff," Sheriff Aliff said.  

Though this case has been deemed cold, all hope is not lost. The case of three women found in Cleveland is both a grim reminder and a source of hope, there are other missing children alive out there.      

"You never want to give up hope when someone is missing because you hope that they will be found like this and I am sure that the family and even law enforcement would be ecstatic the situation turned out like this," Sheriff Aliff said.

If you have any information about the disappearance of Natasha Carter, you are encouraged to contact any detachment of the West Virginia State Police.