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Bluefield pit bull ban deadline is over - Now what?

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5:00 p.m. Tuesday was the deadline in Bluefield, West Virginia for pit bull owners to register their dogs.

59 News found out what's next.

We went down to the Bluefield Police Department and picked up a pit bull registration form.

By signing the it, you agree to:

Unless indoors, keep your pit bull in a pen or kennel with secure sides and a floor in the ground

no less than two feet deep, and the kennel or pen must be adequately lit and ventilated.

When outside it's kennel, the pit bull must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet in length and the dog must be wearing a muzzle. One Bluefield resident thinks that wouldn't be fair for any dog.

"Dogs should be able to run in their backyards without having a muzzle on it or a leash, that ain't right," said Aaron Davidson.

"It's like imprisoning them, it's not giving them their freedom because a lot of dogs socialize with other dogs by sniffing or finding each other territories so it's not right to hold them back from what they naturally do," Jordan Hargrave said.

People were shocked to find out had they not registered their pit bulls, they might end up at the animal shelter. They were even more surprised to find out it's actually been a law for the past 5 years that you have to spay and neuter all your pets.

"This is new to me because I know a lot of people that breed pit bulls and other puppies and they make it a hobby," Hargrave added.

"Yeah that's the first I'm hearing of it to, that's shocking, it really is," Davidson said.

Bluefield Police Chief D.M. Dillow explained what happens if you get caught with an unregistered pit bull.

"If you don't get it registered within this 10 day period, which ends Tuesday, then you take the risk, if you get a complaint of the animal and we issue you a citation, you may lose your animal completely," Chief Dillow said.

Chief Dillow also said if you are issued a citation, it's up to the judge what happens next.