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Log Truck Accident Spills Fuel in Summers County

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A logging truck accident in Summers County lead to an fuel spill on Thursday, May 9.  The call came in to Emergency Services at around 7:30 a.m.  Dispatchers confirmed with 59News that emergency crews worked to clean up the scene on Elton Mountain. 

Firefighters with the Green Sulphur Springs Fire Department were on the scene along with Evergreen Environmental Services who were there to clean up the fuel spill.

Emergency crews say about 60 gallons of fuel spilled onto the road but they were able to clean it all up before it reached nearby Millcreek.


Herman Bell was driving the truck from Rainelle to Princeton and said he knew what was about to happen as soon as he took a hairpin turn.

He said, "I just took the turn and it started to tip. It all happened in slow motion I guess I didn't have time to be scared."

Bell blames the spill on his trailer and a shifting load.

He said, "Different trailers vary different ways so it's not the way it was loaded I guess it's just the trailer that I had."

Crews said it would have been a nightmare if all 160 gallons in the truck spilled out onto the road and leaked down into Millcreek.

Michael Richmond with Green Sulphur Fire Department said, "This accident covered an acre and a half it could have been much worse. We're lucky that it happened at the time of day that it did."

Officials tell 59News that no roads were blocked by the accident and no injuries are reported.