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Local students prepare for WESTEST

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If you're a student in grades 3-11, we wish you the best of luck this week.

59 News caught up with local middle and high schoolers preparing for the WESTEST.

The West Virginia Educational Standards Test or "WESTEST" is a criterion-referenced exam measuring student's knowledge of West Virginia's core subjects. It is designed to meet "No Child Left Behind Act" requirements.

Students told 59 News the first thing that comes to mind when they think of this standardized exam.

"The WESTEST, oh gosh, here's the biggest test of the year, you have to be prepared for it. A lot of studying," said Woodrow Wilson High School sophomore Raheem Bond.

"I've done this for so long, so I'm used to it now. I'm just preparing for it now," said another sophomore at Woodrow Wilson, Bre'ana Staunton.

Students told us getting their 8 hours in per night, and a hearty meal in the morning, are the best ways to prepare.

"They want you to get a lot of sleep throughout the week and have breakfast before," Lea Tilley, an 8th grader at Mullens Middle School added.

"They say go to sleep really early and have a good breakfast. They also say having a glass of orange juice is good for the test," Bond advised.

The West Virginia Education Standards Test is taken every year by grades 3-11 and includes the subjects of science, social studies, mathematics and reading/language arts.

"Some subjects I'm not as strong in, as the others such as science or social studies. I'm not as strong in those as math and English," Staunton said.

"When math is done, I feel better because then I have science, social studies and English, and those subjects aren't as hard as math but I still have to prepare for the other tests," Bond told us.

The WESTEST will be administered May 13-17th.


If you're a student in grades 3 through 11 - - We wish you the best of luck beginning tomorrow morning.

59 News reporter Jessie Gavin caught up with local middle and high schoolers preparing for the "WesTest".

Stick with 59 News at 6, 10 and 11 p.m. to hear how they think they'll do.