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Farmers impacted by late season frost

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Farmers across the state are feeling the effects of this week's frost.

 Pam West of West Farms in Greenbrier County said in the past 20 years, her farm has never seen a frost like the one this week.

She said, "This is the coldest this late in the season that I can remember. Especially since we've been growing cut flowers."

She said Sunday evening she spent hours tying blankets down over every single one of her plants, inside the high tunnels and out in the elements.

She explained, "If these cucumbers would have been outside we would have been starting from scratch."

The frost may have done the most damage to her peonies, which may even be sold already for summer weddings.

West said, "As far as a spring cut flower, a peony is my bread and butter this time of year."

And while it's costing farmers across the state money from lost crops, it's also going to cost the consumer heading to local farmer's markets... but you may not see the damage until further along in the season.

West said, "We had a lot of things in the tunnel... we've got lettuce and strawberries now but the mates to them the field planted ones, there will be a gap."

West said farmers typically don't pass cost's like this on to the consumers 

She said, "It's nice when people buy local and have an appreciation for their food because we go through a lot of trouble to get it to the market and on their table."

The Greenbrier Valley Farmer's Market is open Saturday's and Wednesday and is located along 219 in Lewisburg.