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Summers County woman wants answers after vehicle is hit by a school bus

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A woman is side-swiped by a school bus carrying she wants answers.

On Monday, May 13 around 4 p.m., Julia Harris was driving down East Clayton Road outside of Alderson in Summers County when she was hit by the bus.


Harris said, "All I saw was that big black bumper coming right at my face and then all the air bags went off."

She said she saw the bus coming toward her and pulled off the road to a bank to let the bus pass.

She said, "I'm sitting here, she's got all that space to move over and, 'Wham!' It sounded like a shot gun going off."

Neighbors said they too have been run off the road by the same bus driver.

George Hawky said, "You have to be careful because she's coming. That is something that everyone knows that uses this road at that time because it's one lane and you have to look for a place to get off because she comes."

The driver of the bus has not been charged in the incident and Harris said she saw the driver back in the bus the very next day.

She said, "Nothing has been done. We want answers. Everyone keeps shutting the door in our face. why isn't this being addressed and why is this woman driving a school bus?"

The Summers County School's Superintendent could not say whether or not the driver was suspended but did say the incident is under investigation by West Virginia State Police.

Neither of the drivers nor the students were injured in the accident.