Princeton Senior High School Powder puff Prep


Princeton Senior High School is home of the Tigers....and the most competitive senior powder puff team.

"We haven't lost a game yet and we plan to keep it that way and go out with a bang," said senior Stephanie Lambert.

The Class of 2013 team has won every game since freshman year are not about to drop the ball now.

Bethany Smiley has been on the team since the beginning.  "We've had a good tradition of winning. We've won the past three years going on the fourth year."

Senior head coach Derek Poszich has also been with the team since they were freshman. After college he hopes to be a coach, so he takes his title very seriously.

"Coming in as freshman we weren't expected to do very good, we ended upsetting the seniors and then the juniors in the championship game and we've been hot ever since."

The seniors practice more than an off-season varsity squad.

"We practiced in April and were practicing twice a week and now since it's close to time we've been practicing every day to get ready," added Lambert.

While the almost-graduates are working hard, the juniors are hardly working.

Junior coach Hunter Christian said the juniors do not practice like the seniors.

"They try to hard, they have practices everyday.  We just go out and have fun and they just go out and want to win," he said.

That doesn't mean he lacks confidence.

"We have a championship guaranteed.  We have the talent, more talent than the seniors by far."

We'll find out which team will come out on top on May 31st at Hunnicut Stadium.

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