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Sneak peek at Summit Bechtel Reserve

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59 News got a sneak-peek on Sunday into the Boy Scout Jamboree that will be at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in Fayette County this summer.

With over 100,000 square feet of outdoor skateboard parks, dozens of BMX tracks and trails, 10 zipline and canopy tours, there should be plenty of fun outdoor adventures for all 45,000 scouts, leaders, staff and volunteers in July. Over the course of 10 summer days, once every 4 years, the Boy Scouts of America come together for the National Scout Jamboree.

The Chief Operating Officer for Spohn Ranch Incorporated, which builds skateparks all around the world, told us how this project compares to others.

"This is the single biggest skating facility as far as footage in the world, as far as we know. It's massive," said the Spohn Ranch Chief Operating Officer, Mark Bradford.

A construction worker and BMXer explained why scouts will be able to ride the trails every day, rain or shine.

"It took a long time to build a lot of this. It can rain really hard, and the drainage works. The same day it rains, you can ride it. And it keeps your speed up," BMXer Shawn Walters told us.

59 News weren't the only ones excited for the sneak peek, 1,200 others also got a first hand glance on Sunday.

"We are Mount Hope Boy Scout troop 91, we're the first ones to ride through here, fitting for the Mount Hope Boy Scout troop to have a representative go through the first trip down through here," said Eddie Souk, first in line.

"The greatest part about our job is to be able to create something that the kids really enjoy skating. And that's absolutely amazing. Come Jamboree time when all the kids are out here having a ball, that's what it's all about," Bradford said.

The National Boy Scout Jamboree will be held July 15-24.

The Summit Bechtel Reserve will be the permanent home for the Boy Scouts of America's national jamborees.