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Community reacts to deadly McDowell County shooting

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A night of violence in McDowell County leaves one man dead and another behind bars.  It all happened in a very remote local in McDowell County.

A porch light still remained on, a dog still waited for his owners and laundry hung to dry, became soaking wet after Monday night rain showers came crashing down.

There is no indication of violence at one Beartown camper until someone looks at the front porch.  Hundreds of tiny glass pieces and deputies said the home owner was murdered inside Sunday night.

"The suspect is being charged with first degree murder and the victim was dead upon arrival The victims name is Donald Baker and deputies say he was gunned down by Wesley Payne,"  Deputy J.E. Munch, field supervisor.

Our 59 News Crews got on scene and saw where the bullet penetrated the trailer after being fired.  Folks in the area said this was all an argument over a girl and said they've had enough of gun violence.

"It is actual normal now just down for here the other way a guy got killed over an electric bill they are all the time shooting guns here," Ronald Myers, McDowell County.

Myers said the sound of gun shots are just as common as the rain falling. He worries any stray bullet could strike his 3-year-old daughter

He would like to see additional police presence patrolling the rural areas hoping to crack down on the gun violence.

Right now, the suspect, Wesley Payne was arraigned before Magistrate Cox but bond will be set before a circuit court judge. He is facing first degree murder charges.