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Community Reacts on Self Defense Following Beckley Mall Stabbing

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RALEIGH COUNTY- Friday Night a tattoo parlor owner saved a pregnant women's life after police said knife wielding suspect Michael Wafford tried to stab her to death at the Beckley Plaza Mall.

When having to deal with dangerous situations like a knife attack, knowing what to do can really help.

Robert Niday is the Chief Instructor at Beckley Martial Arts and said that if you can avoid the situation completely that's probably you best bet but if you do intervene, hold your ground.

"Step back into a defensive stance because 9 times out 10 when someone see another person in a defensive stance they will think: what am I getting into?" Niday said.

People throughout the community had their own thoughts on how to deal with a dangerous situation.

"Situation dictates," Robert Hubman of Beckley said. "It's really if you're confident then you'll go in there and do something but if you don't feel like your confidence is there, then you're probably going to go to the lesser level."

Sarah Richardson said she would try to break up a fight.

"I would definitely try to do my best to intervene in the situation and talk them down, whether it was physically or verbally," Richardson said.

James Tate Jr., owner of Awesome Ink Tattoo Parlor, prevented Michael Wafford from stabbing a pregnant woman but suffered stabbing injuries in doing so.

Tate has been recovering at Raleigh General Hospital.

To help with Tate's medical expenses, family and friends have set up a fundraiser at this URL: