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Gay scouts? Boy Scouts to make landmark decision

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The Boy Scouts of America are expected to wrap up a two day meeting in which one the topics up for discussion is whether or not to change its long-standing ban on openly gay scouts. It's been a long road to make it to a decision 59 News has a look back at how the BSA got to this point.   

It's a hot topic. Should the Boy Scouts of America allow openly gay scouts into their organization?  It's a topic so controversial that back in February the Boy Scouts decided to push back making the decision until May. The debate even stirred up some trouble locally when pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen, pulled out of the BSA jamboree set to be held in Fayette County this summer.

The "Call Me Maybe" star said she believes the Boy Scouts should allow openly gay members and canceled in protest.  

Jepsen's opinion is pretty clear, but what do folks in Fayette county think, as 45,000 people are expected to come right here for the National Jamboree in July, will openly gay scouts be a part of that crowd?

"I believe that everyone has a right to do what they what, that is what this country is all about," Laura Lambert of Fayette County said.

Do you think openly gay scouts should be allowed, asked 59 News Reporter Lauren Hensley.

"Of course, yes, because they are no different than anyone else," Susan Jones said.

But not everyone agrees.

"I just don't believe it so, it should be a man and woman and a woman with a man. I don't believe in it so," Rick Lambert of Fayette County said.

A 1,400 Member council will make this decision by voting on secret ballots, the majority opinion will win and any changes will be implemented January 1.