War heroes enjoy holiday at Pipestem

The Wounded Warrior Project brought veterans to Pipestem Resort State Park Friday so others could honor those who've given everything for the country.  Outdoor channel's Curtis Fleming is no stranger to fishing, but this trip was extra special.

"As they come in and they're nervous about getting into fly fishing but all at once when that fish is on the line, on the rod, you'll see the smile," said Fleming

Washington Redskin Reed Doughty also came to spend time with those who've served, and to veterans like Aaron Horton, it meant so much.

"It's kind of weird how we want to talk to him about football but he wants to talk to us about our different experiences, so it's kind of almost being on the same level."

Reed was just enjoying conversation, and the outdoors.

"Spending time fly fishing with guys and getting out and understanding what they've been through and being very thankful for the sacrifices they've made," said the safety.

For the veterans, spending their Memorial Day weekend at Pipestem it's more than just fishing, it's a healing process.

Healing waters fly fishing helps the war heroes take their mind off their worries so they can relax and have a good time.

Paul Moore was another service member who came to park, "you don't really discuss what's going on personally."

"I get to relax and not think about home life or lack of a job or anything financially.  You just come out and enjoy the scenery and the people that are here," Horton added.

With a quiet and tranquil atmosphere the veterans were able to enjoy their holiday by just fishing.

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