Deadly Shooting in Stanaford


Quiet streets, quaint houses and manicured yards, that's what it felt like walking through the neighborhood of Overlook Drive in Stanaford in Raleigh County.

No less than half a mile away from a playground is the scene of a murder. On Saturday morning, Donald Gray Dunn Jr. shot and killed his step father, Mark McDermott and attempted to shoot and kill his mother, JoHanna McDermott in their own home.

From the outside, it looks as if nothing ever happened. The front door was still wide open. A car, still in the driveway.

Neighbors asked to remain anonymous and not speak on camera to honor the privacy of the family, but they did have a few things to say. Everyone was utterly shocked that a tragedy of this caliber happened on their streets.

One resident told 59 News "Yesterday I saw the most traffic I've ever seen on this street in 22 years of living here." Another told me she was close with Mark and Johanna, and said "He was a very kind man and did not deserve his fate." Upon first hearing sirens, a different neighbor thought Johanna was in trouble with health problems. They soon learned, it was much worse than they first thought.

Neighbors told 59 News Johanna suffered no injuries in Saturday's incident.

Donald Gray Dunn Jr. is being held in Southern Regional Jail.

He is being charged with one count of 1st degree murder and another count of Attempted 1st degree murder.



One man died and another is behind bars Saturday after a son shoots and kills his step-father at their Overlook Drive home in Stanaford in Raleigh County.

Raleigh County Sheriff's Deputies said 23-year-old Donald Gray Dunn, Jr. shot and killed his stepfather, 47-year-old Mark McDermott Saturday morning.

Dunn also tried to shoot his mother.

Dunn is in Southern Regional Jail and charged with first degree murder and attempted first degree murder.

The Raleigh County Sheriff's Deputy Suman is investigating.



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