UPDATE: No charges pressed in Raleigh County stabbing case



The name of the man who was stabbed then went to a Raleigh County convenience store has been released.

Bland Lester of Beckley walked into the One Stop Exxon Gas Station on North Eisenhower Drive around 10:30 Saturday night.  Raleigh County Sheriff's Deputies were called in to investigate what happened because the One Stop is just outside of Beckley city limits.

Lester reportedly had several stab wounds as well as some injuries he received from punching a glass window, according to Deputies.  He was taken to Beckley Appalachian Regional Hospital for treatment.

Deputy Utt with the Raleigh County Sheriff's Department told 59News that Lester does not plan to press charges against the person who stabbed him.  That person's name has not been released.

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