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Another Raleigh County Schools employee is under investigation for misconduct

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59 News hit the streets to find out how parents in Raleigh County are reacting to two investigations in the same school district.

"No child, no son or daughter should have to go through anything like this" Bill Cody of Meadow Bridge said.

Like Cody, 59 News interviewed a mother of 5 and she is shocked by this news.  All of her children will go through the Raleigh County School system.

"Teachers know better, if you can't trust your teachers, who can you trust," Shaela McCoy of Beckley said.

McCoy said too much access to technology is a bad thing. She only allows her children to use the computer under close supervision and said her children are not allowed to bring a cell phone to school.  McCoy said the mobile use of technology allows whatever is going on inside of school to follow a child wherever they go.

"For one thing I don't think kids that age should have a cell phone or even need cell phones," McCoy said.  She said she watched the news last night and saw the text allegedly sent by a teacher to a 13-year-old middle school student. Commenting on that text message she said, "it is completely inappropriate and I would probably be in jail if that was my kid, coming from a mother's perspective that is crossing the line," McCoy said.

59 News will continue to keep you up to date on any late breaking details into the two investigations inside two Raleigh County schools.

Officials with Raleigh County are not just dealing with one investigation into allegations of an employee's misconduct with a student, but two.

59News has learned that the Raleigh County School Board has taken administrative action against an employee at Woodrow Wilson High School. There are allegations that the employee had inappropriate contact with a student.  Neither the employee nor the student have been named at this time.

Superintendent Jim Brown confirmed on Friday that there is an ongoing investigation and that immediate administrative action has been taken.  The employee was put on suspension after the allegations were brought to the school board's attention.  The person is on leave until the investigation is concluded, at which time, Brown said that proper disciplinary action will be taken.

Brown also told 59News that this information has been shared with the proper authorities and investigative agencies including the Department of Human Resources and Child Protective Services.

Brown reiterated that the school board is taking this situation and the one at Trap Hill Middle School very seriously.  He told 59News that each case has been addressed without delay.