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Illegal dumping? Fay. County residents say pollution is not okay

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Neighbors in the Wolf Creek area of Fayetteville are fired up because pieces of dilapidated houses are being dumped in the natural water source right behind their homes where their kids bike, fish and swim.

Lead, paint and all types of contaminants are in the creeks and alongside the roads according to Eric Dorsey, a resident of the area. He told 59 News between 5,000 to 10,000 acres of water and land are being polluted.

"Pollution is coming all the way from Levisey Creek watershed which comes from the Bridge Haven golf course and the Tony Hollow watershed, which comes from Gatewood area. Also it comes from the Wolf Creek watershed which starts in Oak Hill and Lochgelly which all runs into New River through Wolf Creek which pollutes the drinking water for all of Fayetteville, Oak Hill, Mossy and Gatewood Road," Dorsey said.

Along gravel roads right behind Mr. Dorsey's house and sticking straight out in the middle of the road is a supply hose for a washing machine and next to it is a piece of an air filter. A very concerned mother used to allow her children to play in the creek behind their home and the gravel roads next to it. She said those days are all in the past.

"Normally in the summer they want to go out and play in the creek and catch crawdads and swim. But this year that's not going to happen because we don't know what's running in the creek because of this," Stacy Pullens told us.

"My mom says I'm not allowed to swim in the creek anymore because she's afraid there might be lead paint in the cement that they are dumping out there. It might run in the creek and she's worried that would get into us," Trent Pullens, Stacy's son said.

"My kids can't go out here and ride their bikes and rollerblade. I have new drivers, 16 and 17 year old boys trying to drive in and out of here and what do they do if they run into these big trucks? It's just not safe," added Stacy.

Concerned residents like Dorsey and Pullens have banned together and are taking legal action. A court date is set for July 11th to decide what to do with the dumping in the creeks.